Friday, February 4, 2022

To All,

Hope this finds you all well and healthy, as we wind down the year and prepare for the holidays.

We are in the process of organizing our annual OSHA 8-hour refresher course.

This year, it will be "virtual training" via a Zoom Meeting, similar to last year.

All attendees need to have the zoom app downloaded on their mobile devices, or have access to a computer that allows a zoom connection.

Zoom invitations will be sent out to all attendees.

The instructor will be Art Sodermark,  who has done a lot of training work with PEI and was our instructor last year

We are scheduling the training to be on Friday February 4, 2022. 

The cost for this training will be $65.00 for members up to the membership limit. Similar to last year.  If you would like to have additional personnel attend, that cost would be $80.00. Similar to last year

For non-member Firms and individuals, the cost will be $90.00.

Please note that the 8-hour OSHA refresher is a requirement for renewing your UST License, as well as being a prerequisite in applying for the newly minted "Mechanic's License".

Let us know by return email, if you will be participating in this training and how many personnel you anticipate will be attending.

In your response, please include the names and individual email addresses of the attendees so we can send the zoom invitations directly to the individuals.

It is important that we hear form you ASAP so we can schedule accordingly.

Thank you,


Sam A. Saba

Executive Director PECA

Telephone: 973-729-2108

Fax: 973-729-5441

Email:  samsaba@peca.net

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