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Active Membership - Fill in all that applies.  Use company License Number Only.
NJ Weights & Measures Company Only License No.
NJ Underground Storage Tank Certification License No.
Installation - Check all items you are licensed for.
Entire UST System
Release Detection Monitoring System Only
Tank Testing
Substance Evaluation
Corrosion Protection System Analyst
Cathodic Protection Specialist
Cathodic Protection Tester Only
List two (2) existing PECA member companies' names you feel would sponsor your application.
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Sponsor #2   
I would like to be considered for participation on the following committees.
Advertising Education and Safety
NJ Government Affairs/B.U.S.T. Membership
List qualifications or expertise you posses that would enhance this Association.
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Print Application and Mail To:

P.O. Box 1502
Sparta, NJ 07871

Phone: 973.729.2108
FAX: 973.726.0661

Do not send a check with this application. Upon your acceptance, a letter will be sent to you along with a prorated dues' bill.

Thank you for your desire to join the Petroleum Equipment Contractors Association of New Jersey.

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